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 bringing ideas to life

After honing his craft for nearly 20 years, Dave Hack has a unique rapid-fire ability to bring clarity to your strategy and life to your brand in front of your eyes. 

Trust the process

You can have the right thing at the wrong time. Dave’s expertise makes sure you ask the right questions in order to get the right results. 

 a roadmap to reach your market


When you have an idea of where you want to be, I can help you chart a course (or two) how to get there. I will bring clarity to your direction by outlining the stages and steps you will need to see your dream become reality.  



We believe everything says something. And we’ve learnt that you only have once chance at a first impression. Is your brand giving  the right message?


How you tell your story is crucial to delivering your message. I love drawing out the story of success in your world to help you make the most of every opportunity.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Hack Creative is a marketing strategy & branding and communications consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. It exists to help entrepreneurs and leaders see, share and show the future.

Years Designing



Cups Of Coffee


Verified by the Cliftons StrengthFinder™, my Top 5 strengths give me a unique ability to develop high-level strategy rapidly.   

If you’re unfamiliar with the StrengthsFinder™, It essentially captures what you contribute to the world. Imho, its the most important test you could ever do.

My Top 5 Strengths are: (1) Strategic which allows me to sort through the clutter and find the best route; (2) Ideation which gives me a natural curiousity and accelerated ability to connect the dots; (3) WOO gives me an intuitive understanding of what motivates peoples behaviours which is essential for any market; (4) Futuristic which enables me to paint a picture of the future; and (5) Achiever which means I’m not satisfied until I’ve help you achieve results. 

  • Strategic – 97%
  • IDEATION – 93%
  • Futuristic – 86%
  • Achiever – 90%

Understanding my strengths has allowed me to define my motto:

“Helping people find new ways for new days”

Dont take my word for it

Check out the stories of people that i’ve worked with.

“Way back at the beginning of our journey, we engaged Dave Hack for the purpose of developing our dreams and our visions for our business syndicate, into a business name and logo. Within a matter of hours of us attempting to articulate this, Dave suggested a business name and logo that perfectly encapsulated where we were heading. There isn’t many people out there with this level of gifting/skill set.”


Beyond Business Group

“I really enjoyed working with Dave. He listened to all of my ideas; and developed my brand name, identity and product packaging. He gave me everything I needed to create my own online store and sell straight away.”



“We recognised the need for a more current and professional image for our stores and website. Dave took the time to understanding our target customers and the kind of image we wanted to portray for our business. He was then able to successfully translate this understanding into designs for our logo and web site that improved the image of our business and helped drive growth.”



“If you need a graphic designer who knows what you need even if you can’t describe it, Dave is your guy. He has played a key role in the Lead Different branding with everything from web development to logos and message. He understands how to communicate visually in a simple concise manner. Give him a call to see how he can help you!”



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